The Petition Is Delivered

March 27, 2019

As you know, the Tenant Association conducted a petition last week about the saunas and visitor parking. We were very excited to see the grand total: 338 signers! We believe you should have the things the petition requests.  We really enjoyed talking to so many great tenants over the week!


So what happened after all the signing? The petition was sent to Georgeta Morar, the Director of Operations at CAPREIT.  I'll share the covering email with you since that is the best way to give you an overview of the results:


The 100 Wellesley St. East Tenant Association would like to present you with a petition (A) to open the saunas and (B) to restore 47 free visitor parking spots and implement a system to manage visitor parking in our building.


The Tenant Association is happy to facilitate the expression of the tenants' wishes to you. We greatly enjoyed the petition process and the chance it gave us to speak face-to-face with so many tenants. One thing that is very clear after discussion with tenants is that so many of them enjoy living in this building. Yet, despite this enjoyment, these two petition items were significant dissatisfiers for tenants. We are optimistic that you will take this into account and grant the requests. The path to making tenants happier is clear.


The petition was signed by a total 338 people. Tenants were given the option of indicating which of the two items they wanted. Nearly all chose both items:


  • 331 checked the box for the saunas

  • 337 checked the box for visitor parking


Signatures were collected during the week of March 18th, 2019.


Please note that if CAPREIT does not grant the items specified in the petition, the Tenant Association will start an application at the Landlord Tenant Board on these items.


In closing, we hope this petition meets with a positive response from you. The tenants have made their wishes clear. It is in your power to grant these requests and make the tenants happy. Let me know if you have any questions.


Please respond by email by Friday April 5th 2019.

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