September 2018 Update

September 17, 2018

The Tenant Association listens to what you tell us about living at 100 Wellesley. Earlier this year, we held our Annual General Meeting and the Executive members were able to talk to many of the general members face-to-face. We introduced a member survey to find out what you thought about a number of issues. We also listen you what you tell us on Facebook. You can always reach us at


We take your questions and concerns and present them to Capreit. Sometimes we get a "yes"; other times we get a "no". We've posted blogs since the AGM to try to keep you informed. This blog will get you up to date on a number of topics we have been discussing with management this year. We have made some progress with Capreit, and in other areas Capreit has disappointed us.


First of all, the HVAC in the hallway is repaired. It took some time due to mechanical issues that cropped up during the repairs. Now the hallway vents are producing air like they should.


The traffic circle at the front of the building will see improvements. There have been many issues with drivers not understanding how traffic should flow through the circle. Capreit agreed to address this with arrows painted on the asphalt and improved one-way signage. There will also be painting at the front of the curb cut at the west side of the building to indicate that cars should not park in front of it. And Capreit will install a curb cut closer to the front door itself. This will be a great improvement for people with mobility issues.


We asked Capreit to paint four parking spots to designate where the ZIP cars and Enterprise cars should park. These cars sometimes park where they should not. Unfortunately, Capreit will not paint these spots. However, they promise increased vigilance by office staff in this part of the traffic circle. Of course, if you see any issues with these cars, you can always alert the office ( 416-924-5100 or ).


You have likely noticed that the low stone walls at the front of the building have been crumbling for some time now. Capreit has agreed to repair the walls.


At the back of the building, you have likely seen that garbage is often strewn about on the ground after people rummage through it. This has been happening far too often. Although Capreit staff are responsible for checking this area and having it cleaned up, we recently told them that they are failing in this duty. They promised to improve. In addition to this, Capreit is currently seeking a charity to place a clothing donation bin behind the building. This is good news if you want to donate your old clothes. Also, if clothing is in the donation bin instead of the garbage, one reason for rummaging through the garbage is eliminated.


In the past few months there has been quite a bit of pigeon dung around the building. Capreit agreed to regularly power wash of the dung around the building and off awnings. Capreit will also investigate humane strategies with their pest control company and some online resources that will prevent pigeons from perching on the building and leaving a mess behind.


The visitor parking situation has seen some  improvement, but needs to see more. We've had the monthly customers of Target Park moved out of visitor parking to other designated parking spots. There is no system in place yet to manage genuine guest parking, and we have seen the visitor parking being abused by cars that seem to be permanently parked there. But Capreit is working on a visitor permit solution, so we look forward to seeing it implemented. The big challenge is ensuring that cars that arrive when the office is closed can get a visitor permit.


Look for more improvements to the bike room. Capreit is ordering five new racks that will each hold 20 bicycles.


We all want to be as safe as possible in the building. Trespassers make their way into the building and can move around in it easily. To address this situation, we asked to have a fob system installed in the elevators. This would reduce trespasser mobility inside the building and diminish any reason they had for entering our building. Capreit declined this request, citing logistic difficulties for tenants and their guests.


Another security measure we requested was a security presence stationed at a desk in the lobby at all times so that trespassers would be discouraged from trying to enter. Capreit declined this request. Capreit requires that the security staff patrol different parts of the building during their shift. Capreit would not consider adding security staff to make a permanent security station possible.


We asked for the gym and pool to be opened earlier. Capreit declined this request. They noted that staff need to inspect and clean these facilities in the morning. Earlier opening would conflict with this.


And, finally, we have learned that the sauna is officially closed. Capreit agreed to distribute a memo about this so that tenants are officially informed.


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