Let’s Solve the Sauna and Visitor Parking Issues

March 14, 2019

There are two outstanding issues at 100 Wellesley Street East. (1) The saunas are not open to tenants and (2) visitor parking is no longer free. These issues must be solved. The Tenant Association Executive recommends this path of action:


  1. Start with a petition to CAPREIT on these two issues.

  2. If a petition is unsuccessful, we will make an application to the Landlord Tenant Board for a rent reduction.


Why start with a petition? In our recent membership drive we asked you to sign a petition to inform CAPREIT how you felt about the GEUCR clothing bin vs. a clothing donation bin for a regular charity. As a result the GEUCR bin is going to be removed. We are glad that you expressed yourselves and also glad to see that when tenants act and speak together CAPREIT will listen.


If the petition doesn’t work for the sauna and parking issues, we will move on the to the LTB. We will file the application, and tenants will join in on a Schedule of Parties. We will let you know how this works if we need to take this step.


We invite ALL tenants to drop by and sign the petition. We will be in the lobby Monday March 18th, Tuesday March 19th, and Wednesday March 20th from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm each evening.


We’d like to thank all the Tenant Association members who recently paid their 2019 fees. We enjoyed chatting with everyone we talked with in the lobby. If you haven’t paid your fees yet and still want to, please visit this page www.bit.ly/100-finances , click the "Instructions" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and see how to pay by cash or online. 

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