Fall 2019 Update

October 7, 2019

The Tenant Association met with CAPREIT in September. Sam and Lillian from CAPREIT attended. Kelly and Dean represented the Tenant Association. It was an extensive meeting. Here is the key information for you.



Tenant Association 2019 Survey

  • We reviewed the results of the 2019 Tenant Association survey with CAPREIT. You can see the results here.


Traffic Circle Improvements & Parking Enforcement

  •  Look for the traffic circle improvements to be completed this fall. These include a new curb cut at the portico for easier access for people with mobility challenges, painting of parking prohibition stripes at the current curb cut, and making the   one-way sign more prominent.

  • The storm drains are sinking into the asphalt and will be fixed. The contractor has been selected and a price has been quoted.

  • Target Park (the company contracted to manage the building’s parking facilities) will enforce the no-parking policy at the front and rear of the building. There will be warnings, tickets, and towing of vehicles that violate the policy. The office staff is also placing warnings on cars that park in the traffic circle.

  • The traffic circle needs to be open so that cars can get through it. It isn’t a parking lot.


Tenant Portal

  • The Tenant Portal for work orders will launch at our building by the end of 2019. Make sure to register for it and to receive email versions of memos using this form.

  • You can either fill in the form or follow the instructions on it to register by email. The Tenant Portal should improve the work order process, which is now paper-based.

  • With the Tenant Portal, you will get a ticket number for a work order and even be able to schedule when the repair takes place.


Automatic Front Door Opener

  • Tenants have asked us to request automatic door opener buttons for people with mobility issues. The automatic buttons will ensure everyone can enter the building comfortably without barriers.

  • Sam is seeking sign-off from head office to install the automatic openers.


Pigeon Dung

  • Pigeon dung was still an issue around the building in recent months. The Tenant Association noted that the washing of pigeon dung on an as-needed basis was inadequate this summer.

  • CAPREIT has agreed to address this problem by pressure washing every two weeks. This will be implemented next year once the pigeons get active again.

  • CAPREIT will look into strategies to repel pigeons from the building.


GEUCR Clothing Bin Behind Building

  • Because of some changes at CAPREIT corporate, the removal of the GEUCR bin has been lost in the shuffle.

  • Sam will find out what is happening with this. As you likely recall, CAPREIT agreed to remove the bin in March 2019.


After Hours Emergency Maintenance

  • After office hours, calls for maintenance will go directly to the emergency service (instead of the Resident Manager). The emergency service will determine whether the situation is an emergency (based on a screener). The number is still 416-924-5100.

  • Do not knock on the Resident Manager’s suite door. After hours, he will be contacted by the service in case of an emergency. If the service determines it is not an emergency, put in a regular work order during normal business hours.


Cars Parking in Your Spot

  • In Toronto it is the responsibility of the renter to contact parking enforcement if a car is in their spot. Here is a link where you can report the parking infraction. Here is what you will need to provide:

    • Renters: A parking permit and/or a rental agreement including your name and, if applicable, your apartment number and any parking spot that you are entitled to along with Photo ID that includes your name and address.

  • You should be able to have a car towed from your spot with your driver's licence (as long as it has your current address) and the parking permit which shows the spot you are entitled to use.


New Security Cameras

  • New cameras are being installed. They will cover hallways and stairwells.

  • We were informed in the meeting that security guard staffing levels would remain the same after the cameras are working.

  • However, as of October 4th, staffing levels have gone down to three nights per week from seven.


Laundry Machine Cleaning

  • There has been concern about the cleanliness of the washers and dryers.

    • The building cleaning staff is responsible for cleaning the outside of the machines.

    • The users of the machines are responsible for cleaning the inside of the machines. So this means users need to remove lint from the dryers. 

    • One of the places that the washers get most dirty is at the bottom of the rubber gasket on the front-loaders. Be sure to clean out these and any other debris/dirt after you use the machine.

  • As a test project, CAPREIT will put paper towels in the laundry room so people can clean the machines. So only use them to clean machines. This is to find out how long the paper towels will last before they need replenishing.


Window Washing

  • Window washing will take place this fall once some brickwork is done at the building. This will clean the windows that are not on your balcony.

  • Our last window washing was about two years ago.


Storage Room Keys

  • The office has cut more keys for the storage rooms and tries to get the loaned-out keys back from tenants at the end of each day.

  • If you borrow a key, make sure to return it as soon as you are done with it.


Dog Station Bags

  • The dog stations are now installed around the building. Building staff will monitor the bags and replenish as needed, but if you see that a station is out of bags please let the office know.


Elevators on Service

  • We’ve noticed the elevators on service a lot lately. The office tries to take elevators off service as soon as possible.

  • If you have an elevator on service, let the office know as soon as you are done with it so it can go off service.


Bikes at the Yellow Rail at Parking Garage Door

  • There have been bikes locked at the yellow rail near the parking garage door. This interferes with the sensor and causes the door to malfunction.

  • Signs have been posted by CAPREIT prohibiting this.

  • The bikes will be removed and you will have to pick them up from CAPREIT. Cut locks will not be replaced.



  • Airbnb is prohibited in the building. The city also prohibits short-term rentals.

  • As the city website states “Currently, short-term rentals are not permitted in Toronto.”

  • Here is a link to the city's website on the topic.


Tire Pump/Window-Washing Station

  • CAPREIT has inspected the building to identify possible locations for the pump and window-washing stations.















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