To better serve you

It has come to our attention that not all tenants who would like to participate in our online discussions are – or are able to be – available on Facebook.

As such, the Tenant Association has revamped its website. To take full advantage of it be sure to register. We will aim to approve all registration requests of current tenants as timely as possible.

The website is intended to function in the same way as our Facebook page but in a more organized fashion. This will also give all current tenants accessibility who wish to register. In addition, the website will allow the Tenant Association to more easily pull important data if required pertaining to security issues, etc, in the future. This has proven to be more challenging via social media.

A few friendly reminders:
– The website is intended for current tenants only. As we’ve seen a significant increase in vacancies over the last few months, if you are a former tenant, we miss you and wish you all the best in your new homes; however, we ask that only current tenants register;
– Like our FB page, the website is meant to be a SAFE SPACE for us current tenants. As such, the same rules apply: Capreit employees (current or former) or anyone associated with Capreit staff or affiliates in any way are not permitted to register. Any such registration requests will be declined.
– The website is currently in its infancy stage. As such, feel free to be creative and provide us with feedback via the site! We want to make this as user friendly and creative as possible which will take time. Your feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged.
– Have an idea for an important forum topic? This is a website for all of us tenants. Please feel free to create a new thread topic at any time if it doesn’t already exist.

Thank you everyone and we look forward to connecting further via our website!