Security report form

Tell us about security problems

We want to know about security issues around the building. If we know about security problems we can lobby to improve the situation.

​After a security incident, please share information about it with us. This is not the place to report a security incident for immediate response. For that call (416) 924-5100 or 911.​

Information you provide might be aggregated and shown on the Tenant Association website to help us understand the security problems at the building. This type of data would be presented in charts and tables.

Any comments you submit could be used to help illustrate security issues. If we publish specific comments on the website we will be careful to ensure that they don’t reveal your identity.​

Similarly, the data we collect might be shown to CAPREIT. It will be presented in aggregated form, and we will only share comments that don’t personally identify you.​

We will never share your name or email address with anyone.​

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Security report
EG 2020 03 01 for March 1 2020
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