Item status

This page keeps track of the items we have requested from CAPREIT.

We request things from CAPREIT that we know you want and that will make the building a better place to live.  We have made these requests in quarterly meetings (until covid happened), and also in emails. Lately all requests are by email.

In some cases things are agreed to but they never seem to happen. In other cases requests are turned down. In some cases the requests are completed. 


Outstanding/Incomplete Requests

Despite prodding CAPREIT, the progress is exceptionally slow on these items.

ItemDescriptionWhen agreedStatusLinks
Paint at existing curb cutPaint on ground to prohibit parking in front of existing curb cut at west end of building. Many cars park in front of the curb cut and block it.September 2018 meetingNOT COMPLETESeptember 2018 Update
One-way sign more prominentCAPREIT to make one-way sign in traffic circle more prominent. Will reduce confusion on part of drivers.September 2018 meetingNOT COMPLETESeptember 2018 Update
Tire pumpTire pump requested in garage for cars and bikes. CAPREIT to investigate feasibility and report back.January 2019 meetingNOT COMPLETEWinter 2019 Update
CAPREIT to wash windowsCAPREIT to wash windows. Bedroom windows to be washed for first time since November 2017. We are still waiting. 3 years since last washed.April 2019 meetingNOT COMPLETESpring 2019 Update

Declined Requests


DescriptionWhen requestedResponseLinks
Requested gym and pool to be open earlier since tenants want this.June 2018 meetingNONot blogged
Requested permission for yard sale.June 2018 meetingNONot Blogged
Requested parking spots for Zip/Enterprise rental cars to be painted. Other cars park there and Zip/Enterprise renters park incorrectly.September 2018 meetingNOSeptember 2018 Update
Requested a fob system for elevators. This would increase building security. Trespassers would not be able to go easily to higher floors in the building.
September 2018 meetingNOSeptember 2018 Update

Completed Items

Two items have been completed in the table below. The curb cut at the front door has been installed. It took two attempts to get the work done properly. This took over 720 days. The GEUCR bin was removed on December 5, or 272 days after it’s removal was agreed (March 8 2019).

ItemDescriptionWhen agreedStatusComment
New curb cutCurb cut near portico/front door. Necessary for people with mobility issues.September 2018 meetingCompleted Nov 6 2019 Initial attempt was completed 427 days after agreed. However, it was unsatisfactory (it created a small trench - a tripping hazard). It was finally completed properly on August 26 2020. This took 721 days from the day it was agreed.
Clothing bin removalClothing bin will be removed (GEUCR is not a CRA registered charity). This is a result of the petition presented to CAPREIT. March 8 2019 emailCompleted December 5 2019This item took 272 days to complete.

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